title before imageSUMMARY OF EXPERTISE

  1. Architecture: Planning, design, site supervision, cost evaluation , technical  specifications and administrative documentation of divers buildings projects.
  2. Construction: Construction several building mainly planned by Architect
  3. Long experience with the design and construction of school buildings.
  4. Renovation, restoration and improvement of existing buildings.
  5. Study to reduce building costs, in remote areas, by the utilisation of locally available  construction materials with the participation of local village groups (self help-construction).


  • English (fluent)
  • French  (fluent)
  • Spanish  (minimal working knowledge)
  • Portuguese (working knowledge)


  • Turkey
  • Cape Verde Island
  • Rwanda


(Licence of Architecture) State Academy of Architecture and Engineering, Ankara/Turkey, 1977.


“A Self help-Construction Manual” (in collaboration with COOPIBO)

Rwanda / 1985.

Missions of consultations for UNDP-UNOPS (United Nations)



(Starting by recent works)

1996 – Today:

Own office Fethiye, Turkey.


Appointed to the board of the Fethiye, Chamber of Architects

(UIA-Union International des Architects).



A mission to evaluate the condition of the Agro-Veterinary School of Rushashi after the civil war, 1994.

09.1993 – 09.1994

Kigali and  Turkey.

Preparation of a video-film about Rushashi Agro-Veterinary School. (The film was made in Rwanda and edited in Istanbul)



A study to compare the constructions cost of the different types of school buildings being carried out by SFCS (School Construction Service of Ministry of Secondary Education) between 1983 and 1990.

1992 – 1994

My own Architectural office, in Kigali capital of  The Rwandan Republic.

The following major  works were  accomplished:.

A-Motel project in Kibuye

B-Low cost labour housing at CYOHOHA/Kinihira

C-Renovation, modification and on site supervision of a number of houses in Kigali.

D-Office building in Gitarama for PROMET (NGO)

E-National Artificial Insemination Centre in Kigali

F-Transformation  and extension  of the Bulinga  and Murambi Health Centres for CARE International

G-Poultry production unit for Belgium Co-operation

1990 – 1992

Society TEKHNE/Kigali (Brussels based technical society) as Chief Architect.

The following works were completed:

A-Restoration, improvement and on site supervision of the CEE office building

B-Modifications  and improvements of the residency of the CEE Resident Representative in Kigali.

C-Rehabilitation and site supervision of health centres in  different regions of the country (World Bank/Family Health Project)

D-Rehabilitation of the hospital in Rwamagana.

06.1984 – 01.1990

Kigali/Rwanda. With UNESCO (UN) as Expert/Architect “School Construction” project .


A-Participation in improving the prototype-plans for school   buildings  and simplifying their construction with the objective of reducing  costs.

B-Secondary school projects: ZAZA complex (World Bank IDAII),  Medical/Nursing training schools in Byumba and Kaduha (World    Bank IDA III), Agro Veterinary School of Rushashi  (FINNIDA)

C-Office building  and Teacher Training Centre in Kigali

D-Supervision of the construction of rural schools (CERAI) in 15 different regions of Rwanda (FENU).

I was organising and supervising six locals draughtsmen.

01.1984 – 05.1984

Praia/Cape Verde Island. With OPS/FENU (UN), School Building Project as UNV/Architect.

Major accomplishments:

Project preparation, construction and site supervision of primary school buildings throughout the country (Ilha Do Sal, St. Nicolao  and Fogo).

03.1983 – 01.1984

Praia/Cape Verde Island. With HABITAT (UN), project:

“Improvement of the Remote Districts of Praia” as  UNV/Planner


Organisation of a survey to determine the life style of the local population and to    group the different types of traditional housing in the three districts of Praia. Using this  information  to prepare a proposition for better and more economic housing which can be built by impoverished people (self help-construction).

1982 – 1983

TEK-SER ( International Technique Association) in Istanbul / Turkey as  Head Architect of the Project Unit.

Works accomplished :

A-Rehabilitation of  military housing in the NATO military zone, Turkey.

B-Design of a military communications centre.

1981 – 1982

Cengiz Bektas/Architectural  Office in Istanbul/Turkey as an architectural team member.

Major accomplishments:

Participation in the design of an electronics factory, a hospital and a commercial centre.

1977 – 1981

SSK ( Social Insurance Society), Izmir/Turkey, as an architect with the labour housing unit. I was involved in the control of several construction sites, the  preparation of bids and the periodic payments to contractors.